Baby Driver

Demo animation.

SD Video • Animation • 2018 • Run time: 23 seconds

Constructio-Destructio (30 second teaser)

We build, we destroy. Sometimes destruction is more fun to watch.

HD Video • Live Action/Found Footage • 2015 • Run time: 1:10

Saudade (36 second teaser)

Saudade is a short film based on a poem about loss and longing.

HD Video • Live Action • 2013 • Run time: 9 Minutes

Smoke (36 second teaser)

An experimental animation, live-action, montage film based

on the poem Smoke written by Henry David Thoreau.

HD Video • Animation/Live Action/Found Footage • 2011 • Run time: 3:10


Directed by Mark Nobriga, produced by Mark Nobriga and The Curios. Features Nancy Hall singer-songwriter on vocals and guitar, and Lee Parvin, composer, on piano.

SD Video • Live Action/Animation/Found Footage • 2009 Run time: 5 Minutes

A Woman Scorned

Dark comic short with Peggi Burgi as the woman and

Gregg Martinez as the unfaithful lover.

SD Video • Live Action • 2006 • Run time: 3:02

Lucky Number Nine

A celebration of number nine

SD Video • Animation • 2009 • Run time: 2:47

A Girl and a Gun

Short based on Jean-Luc Godard's premise that

"All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun".

SD Video • Found Footage • 2009 • Run time: 2:30

Shaving (Redux)

Grooming may be hazardous to your health.

HD Video • Live Action • 2006 (remastered/colored 2013) • Run time: 7:41


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