"Exactitude is not truth." - Henri Matisse



About the Artist


Born in Oakland, California


Mark Nobriga is a visual artist, filmmaker, and art instructor with more than twenty five years’ professional artmaking experience. His work has been shown in galleries across Northern California and locally at the Triton Museum, Southern Exposure,  WORKS/San Jose and the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.  His short films have screened at the Castro Theatre and other San Francisco venues. He teaches art at Evergreen Valley College and West Valley College.



About the Work: Elements and Process


For Mark, the work is always about whatever excites him creatively. His work draws on different styles from Cubist to Surrealist abstraction with variety as his mantra. Collage has been central to his creative process since he first started making art. Along with collage, he throws painting and drawing into the mix. Each element offers its own unique qualities to the work.  Each in turn is manipulated, destroyed and reapplied. The resulting images with their colors, lines and  textures stimulate the eye and are reminiscent of distressed and weather-worn art from the street.  He often works in a representational style but more often lately, moves in and out of abstraction which offers more creative potential and wide array of expressive and interpretive possibilities.


His most recent work started two years ago and is based on some collage-paint mixed media pieces he created in the early 1990s and inspired by the Surrealist work of Picasso, Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali and others. Those earlier paintings were the result of tapping the subconscious, resulting in surreal, dreamlike constructions of stacked objects in semi-realistic landscapes.


Instead of planning a composition and content, he relies on automatism (or automatic drawing) to begin the work, allowing the unconscious to initiate the process and then improvises on top of that initial drawing.  Through automatic drawing and improvisation the creative process involves drawing, collage and painting, often with some sanding and reapplication of paint. Lines, color, and improvised shapes eventually evolve into animal-vegetable-mineral  anthropomorphic forms that are both humorous and grotesque.







2001   MFA – Pictorial Art – Painting

                          San José State University - San José, Ca.

1991   BA – Pictorial Art - Painting

                     San Francisco State University - San Francisco, Ca.

1982   BA – Theatre Arts – Acting

                      San Diego State University - San Diego, Ca.



Solo Exhibitions


Testimonies and Tales: Paintings/Drawings  Los Medanos College, January 2008

Ecstasy - Cal State Stanislaus University Art Gallery, November 2004

7 Deadlies - 1078 Gallery, Chico, November 2003

Sweet Desire - Giorgi Gallery, Berkeley, June 2003

It’s a Funny Life - Sanchez Art Center Gallery, Pacifica, May 1998

Survey of Recent Work - Greeley’s, San Francisco, April 1995


Selected Group Exhibitions


Portraits, The Loin Gallery, San Francisco December, 2017

Dead Pigeon Society, The Loin Gallery, San Francisco July, 2017

Janis, Argonaut, Inc. San Francisco, June 2017

100 Under 100, Fleet Wood Gallery, San Francisco, December 2016

Fit to Be Hung Portrait Show, NB Bauhaus, San Francisco, December 2016

Spooky Creepy Halloweeny Show, The Loin Gallery, San Francisco October, 2016

Brain Stew, Fleet Wood Gallery, San Francisco, October 2016

The Space Between at The Loin, The Loin Gallery, San Francisco March, 2016

Cross Pollination, Art Ark, San José, March 2015

EVC/WVC Faculty Exhibitions October 2015

Books and Art, Folio Books, November, 2014

20 Years of Art, ARTīK Art and Architecture, May 2014

WVC/Mission College Art Faculty Exhibition, Triton Museum, July 2013

Gemini Hegemony, Live Worms, San Francisco, June 2011

Tableaux Californiens, Live Worms, San Francisco, November 2010

29th Annual Auction - S J Institute of Contemporary Art, San José, October 2009

28th Annual Auction - S J Institute of Contemporary Art, San José, October 2008

Winter Exhibition, Sobrato Community Conference Center, Milpitas, Jan. 2008

Bay Area Annual Exhibition, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, October 2006

American 7, WORKS, San José, August 2006

Who’s On Third II, Third Street Studio, San Francisco, August 2006

Mayhem, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, November 2005

Who's on Third, Third Street Studio, San Francisco, July 2005

Fools - WORKS, San José, March 2005

Annual Auction – WORKS, San José, December 2004

Art & Politics, O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, October 2004

24th Annual Auction - S J Institute of Contemporary Art, San José, October 2004

Annual Auction – WORKS, San José, December 2003

23rd Annual Auction - S J Institute of Contemporary Art, San José, October 2003

Monotype Marathon 9 - S J Institute of Contemporary Art, San José, July 2003

Featured Artists - Bill Gould Design, Los Gatos, November 2002 - May 2003

22nd Annual Auction - S J Institute of Contemporary Art, San José, October 2002

(un)Common Ground - S J Institute of Contemporary Art, San José, July 2002

Emerge –40+ - GenArt (Josh Greene Project) SF, San Francisco, July 2002

Out Of State – WORKS, San José, May 2002

Sel. Works from SJSU MFA PROGRAM  - Heritage Bank,  San José, May 2001

5th Annual Arts On Fire - Sanchez Art Center Gallery, Pacifica, February 2001

Tackling Masculinity – Works, San José, April 2000

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Encantada Gallery, San Francisco, July 1999

The Heaven, the Earth... - Sanchez Art Center Gallery, Pacifica, April 1999

40th Annual - Art Guild of Pacifica, June 1998

“10“ SFSU Alumni Show - Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, September 1998

2nd Annual Arts on Fire - Sanchez Art Center Gallery, Pacifica, February 1998

Spanning the Bay - Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, April 1998

Arts on Fire - Sanchez Art Center Gallery, Pacifica, February 1997

WORKS - Manor House Gallery, San Mateo Arts Council, May 1997

Eight Out of Twelve - Folsom Street Interchange, San Francisco, June 1996

Travel - Mail Art Show - SF Art Institute, San Francisco 1995

Holiday Survivor’s Show - San Francisco, December 1994

Piece by Piece Collage - Sebastopol Center for the Arts, February 1994

Relationships - Santa Cruz Art League, March 1994

Collage - Danville Fine Arts Gallery, March 1994

Off the Top of Our Heads - 1870 Gallery, Belmont, 1993

63rd Annual Exhibition - Santa Cruz Art League, 1993

Environments -  Art Attack Gallery, San Francisco, 1992

State Painters - Cafe Picaro, San Francisco, 1992

Customer Show - Art Store Gallery, San Francisco, 1992

Beyond the Surface - SFSU Student Union Gallery, San Francisco, 1991


Film Festivals


I Hella Love Shorts Film Festival – Saudade, June, 2014

Scary Cow Independent Film Festival – Saudade, October, 2013

Scary Cow Independent Film Festival – Smoke, July, 2012

Scary Cow Independent Film Festival – Fire, February, 2011

2009 GIAA Festival of Short Films and Videos – Trampoline




Juror’s Award- October 2006 Bay Area Annual, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica

2001 Robert Griffith Scholarship – San Jose State University




2017 – Studio Residency, Partizan Art Studios, Budapest, Hungary


Visiting Artist Lectures


2003 - 1078 Gallery/CSU Chico, Chico, CA

2004 - University Art Gallery, Cal State University Stanislaus


Teaching Experience



Evergreen Valley College - Instructor of Record: Art 60/61 - Beginning Painting; Art 24 – Beginning Drawing;

Art 26A – Representational Drawing; Art 25 – Expressive Drawing; Art 12 – 2D Design; Art 14 – Color Theory; Art 90 – Art Appreciation

West Valley College - Instructor of Record: Art 31A -  Beginning Drawing; Art 31B – Expressive Drawing; Art 35A-35D – Life Drawing; Art 33A - 2D Concepts; Art 33C – Color Design; Art 33A – 2D Concepts Online Hybrid; Art 55 – Introduction to Computer Arts



San Jose State University - Instructor of Record: Art 12 – 2D Concepts; Art 24 – Beginning Drawing; Art 61 – Beginning Painting

De Anza College – Instructor of Record: Art 15ABC - Acrylic Painting; Art 15ABC – Oil  Painting; Art 4B – Intermediate Drawing;

Art 4C – Life Drawing



Foothill College - Instructor of Record: Art 4A Beginning Drawing; Art 19 ABC – Acrylic/Oil Painting


Technical Experience


Visual Art experience includes twenty-four years as a visual artist using a variety of media that includes: Painting in oil and acrylic; broad knowledge and application of a variety of painting and mixed media techniques and materials including traditional oil painting (underpainting and glazes), gilding, encaustic, collage, and use of acrylic mediums. Drawing and Printmaking with a variety of media and materials. Experience includes block printing as well and serigraphy. Carpentry skills include knowledge and practice in building various support structures for paintings as well as wood boxes for assemblage.


Filmmaking/Digital media experience includes the use of digital photography, cinematography, editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro; motion graphics/visual effects with Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate; sound editing with Adobe Audition. I have directed, edited and produced several short narrative and experimental films.




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